Super bowl 50 datum

super bowl 50 datum

Jan. Januar. Abgeschlossen wird die nächste Saison mit dem Super Bowl Das Datum für den Super Bowl ist der 7. Februar Datum, 5. Februar Stadion, State Farm Stadium. Stadt, Glendale, Arizona. Fernsehübertragung. Network · Fox. Der Super Bowl LVII ist der Super Bowl, das Endspiel der Saison der National | XLVII | XLVIII | XLIX | 50 | LI | LII | LIII | LIV | LV | LVI 5. Febr. Februar fand der Super Bowl LII zwischen den New England Patriots und den NFL, Super Bowl Philadelphia Eagles schlagen New England Patriots . L, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, Rein casino münchen jobs muss man nicht lange diskutieren: Weltweit hat der Super Bowl sogar in me3 casino Millionen Zuschauer. Keiner feiert Touchdowns so schön wie der Patriots-Coach. Zuvor wurde er immer nach dem Spiel in der Umkleidekabine überreicht. Zwei aktive Stars sind dabei. Spielorte fast fix ran. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit bayern spieltage Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Spätestens seit der Verletzung von Darren Sproles setzen die Eagles vergleichsweise wenig auf Running Backs als Passempfänger - eine ganz andere Philosophie als etwa bei den Patriots. Zahlen und Kritik 2. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesotaist um Kansas City Chiefs weiter makellos ran. NFL Die online rezultati nogomet Catches des 5. Das war früher ganz anders.

Ages of consent have risen precipitously in the US. Because 1 homicide is the same regardless of when or where it takes place and 2 very few homicides go unreported or undiscovered.

Would a homicide in be a homicide in ? On the other hand, people have attributed at least part of the decline in homicides in the U.

Stanford has the Hoover Institute with Russ Roberts, among many others. The University of Chicago is virtually synonymous with a very non-progressive economics.

Sure, if you want Marxists in the U. But walk over a building and see how the engineering departments are voting. I think a concern that universities are militantly progressive is as sensible as listening to a Fox News panel decrying the liberal bias of the media.

Murder rates are in fact very deceptive, in that in most industrialized countries trauma medicine and post-injury care e.

You gave examples of effective societies, all examples of low individualism. Stenotypes and other chording keyboards? If you have a gaming keyboard lying around, I recommend trying it out.

How about any mention of science at all? How about computer programming? We spend less time drilling people on how to do cube roots by hand, so that our brighter undergraduates show up on day one able to do integration by parts.

The only thing on that exam that requires any real human thought is the geometry proofs. Actually, compare that Harvard exam to an Advanced Placement exam.

They have AP tests for things like CompSci, Calculus, and various physical sciences, and I think that the AP is a much more reasonable metric of the actual capabilities of high-achieving high school students than the SAT.

Which is I presume where the reading comprehension mockery came from. Yes, although a top score on an AP exam is also not very prestigious once you get into the domain of prestige.

Now I wonder to what degree 19th-century education included the science of their time. Yeah, you took a geometry class in which they wanted you to come up with your own proofs, rather than one in which they wanted you to read the proofs that Euclid came up with or collected over years ago.

A random webpage http: Plating, however, is about volume and not weight. How much surface area can we convert So we can cover , square meters with a thickness of a tenth of a centimeter.

But the problem here is obvious. We need to drop an assumption, like rooms being cubical. Really, 3 meters is enough vertical for anyone!

However, while our new czar can luxuriate in the freshly done Versailles hopefully wearing goggles to deal with the shininess , dectupling the palace means either spending a lot more on buying gold or going downmarket to even thinner than a tenth of a centimeter.

I fear that the latter cutrate solution will undermine the luxuriance of the effect. As the Quakers say, God always knows.

On the positive side, he thinks that 0. So you can cover x area you are estimating. Gold leafing is normally extremely thin. Furthermore, tech is going to lead to a lot of differences here.

Have actually been thinking about the possibilities of computer-generated and CNC-machined rococo wall paneling and molding, hold the gold leaf.

An old friend who is a secular Jew proposed a solution for Palestine similar to the one you mentioned — Israel simply takes over and annexes the territory — with the critical difference that the Palestinians all become full Israeli citizens with voting and other rights under Israeli law.

The issue a fully independent Palestine faces is whether it could survive as an independent nation. What would it do for a living? What does it have to exchange with the rest of the world to support an economy?

The Palestinians would likely be thrilled if this happened. They do, after all, have a majority between the Sea and the Jordan river, so to speak.

Also, for most countries most economic activity is internal: But the demographics are ironclad — Jews would be a minority in a very, very short time.

Rationalist reactionaries, cultural imperialism, and dictatorship. Thank you for explaining the seething Reactionary hatred for Brutalist architecture, by the way.

It had been puzzling me for some time. Wish you could have figured out the bit about the Whigs, too. The main thing about the Whigs is this: My problem with the czar thing is, well, how do we pick a good czar?

Democracy has a lot of flaws, but at least a democratically selected leader will not be substantially more crazy, stupid, or evil than the average voter.

An arbitrarily chosen czar, however, might be Caligula. This is a bad plan. I would go look it up and find out what the alleged methodological problems were but… I am lazy.

The same is true of their classical history section, even though gratuitious boasting I actually got the top score in the state of California on a classical history competition thing.

Maybe you were just a better student than I. I would be particularly interested to know something about the grading standards for those sections.

To me, the Latin and Greek is at a level that should be difficult but manageable for someone who has completed a grammar course.

In particular, the composition has so much hand-holding that it basically amounts to a review of the formation of some common types of clauses; not much vocabulary or syntactic creativity is needed.

The difficulty of the ancient history questions and note that someone entering as a freshman only needed to answer the geography questions and two of five history questions depends heavily on how much depth they wanted.

Overall, the test is basically useless as a measure of 19th century elite education without an account of how it was scored and how scores were distributed.

The variation in the difficulty of questions and the instructions for more advanced students lead me to believe that the average freshman would not have performed or been expected to perform anything close to perfectly, but I could be wrong.

I have actually wondered a little about this. Was looking around on monarchist sites, staring into the abyss.

Mostly those people have only ininteresting attempts at preserving the British royal family, sometimes talk of the US rejoining the Commonwealth.

Nobody seems to have any idea about how one might choose a monarch More focused on traditionalisms such as some kind of ethnic connection to the populace, and so on.

One possibility is that it could force the replacement of the king with somebody else, but NOT somebody who is part and parcel of the opposition, and who is already indoctrinated with the weight, importance, and duty of command.

Tolkien to his son in I would arrest anybody who uses the word State in any sense other than the inanimate realm of England and its inhabitants, a thing that has neither power, rights nor mind ; and after a chance of recantation, execute them if they remained obstinate!

If we could get back to personal names, it would do a lot of good. Government is an abstract noun meaning the process of governing and it should be an offence to write it with a capital G or so as to refer to people.

And so on down the line. But, of course, the fatal weakness of all that — after all only the fatal weakness of all good natural things in a bad corrupt unnatural world — is that it works and has worked only when all the world is messing along in the same good old inefficient human way.

The thing about insane monarchs is that they can be assassinated without disrupting the monarchy. Again, the Uncanny Valley appears in the mists.

Another way to look at it is this: And since their control of the government is assured for some indefinite time, they have no reason to run up huge debts, loot the place, murder all the opposition, or any of those other charming hobbies that UC-level dictators or democratically elected regimes are wont to pursue.

If they start doing this, due to bad genes or lead-based paint in the Royal Crib, sooner or later somebody will remove them from office and let a competent heir assume control.

Whereas if you kill Saddam Hussein, you get… whatever it is they have in Iraq now. You will also not get a ruler who is substantially less crazy, dumb or evil than the average voter.

The ordinary person is strongly subject to it, and day-to-day framing can lead to the same kind of people going to church and giving to charity or guarding Auschwitz.

Likewise, it was probably some brilliant young mavericks at Rand Corporation who thought of Agent Orange, ecocide and forced-draft urbanization in Vietnam.

Systems intended to harness their monomaniacal ambition, like regulated capitalism, often fail to channel it safely. This is an excellent point.

I always find this sort of small c-conservative argument in favor of Liberalism the hardest to pick apart. Carlyle said that men were mostly fools.

Christianity, with a surer and more reverent realism, says that they are all fools. This doctrine is sometimes called the doctrine of original sin.

It may also be described as the doctrine of the equality of men. But the essential point of it is merely this, that whatever primary and far-reaching moral dangers affect any man, affect all men.

Every class is unfit to govern… …Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: The problem with that is the little problems can amass to a great deal more misery than anyone can inflict in one grand atrocity.

All politics that even considers fundamental change to be a real and desirable goal must walk a line between replacing inhuman, misery-reproducing structures with better ones vs.

The banality of evil. The slave ship captian, the rand nerd, the major general even the lowly irs agent are not the product of initiative but rather the product of obedience to the authority.

Harmless Channels for authoratative ambition in the republic were effective when the beaurocracy was very small as to be near ineffective.

Evil great men and big gubmit create mediocrity, hypocrisy, and repression. This helps considerably, and many most? Looking forward to hearing your criticisms.

Because it does seem key to an important part of reactionary thought, and at least potentially highly problematic. In that case, he does have incentive to suppress free speech, torture dissidents, etc.

To the extent that the dictator needs our cooperation, he has incentive to use oppressive techniques to ensure that cooperation.

Fnargl is the embodiment of The Restatement of Acton: Absolute power is kind of neat. Why would he want to repress free speech? Why would he want to torture anyone?

He has nothing to fear and no motive to engender fear. Anything he could do would almost certainly make things worse than the minimum possible amount of interference.

Anyone who presents a serious obstacle drops dead. Anyone who presents a minor obstacle is… minor. What, for instance, would he do about malingering?

Malingering which rises to the level of seriously impacting gold extraction would be the first symptom of a quick and fatal disease. Malingering which does not is merely a consequence of the fact that we are dealing with individual beings of varying levels of ability.

The hidden third restriction on Fnargl is that he is basically rational. How long do you think it takes for them to discover the exact amount below that level that you need?

I loved the old Harvard exam which, if you look carefully, actually appears to be from 18 6 9, the date being presumably a library archiving date.

I also suspect that, despite the intellectual difficulty of the old exam, it is actually more difficult overall to get into Harvard now than it was then.

Reading from the graph http: So undergraduate education in would have been about 3X as exclusive as receiving a PhD in , in the US.

Happiness, for any individual, tends to return to a set-point. Your argument proves too much. One effect I know of that they did not appear to account for is that poverty depresses intelligence for 4 generations we could call it genetic damage — methylation of certain DNA strands and so forth.

If your grandparents starved, that affects you negatively, and this has been shown statistically. It seems that would account for a lot of the effect they attribute to race, as they only account for socioeconomics in the present generation being tested.

Most of the methylation patterns are erased from primordial germ cells, but apparently some can persist for at least a few generations.

For example, in a study , pregnant rats were fed excess estrogen, which resulted in an increased cancer risk and changes in DNA methylation patterns in several generations of their offspring.

The methylation patterns of people from different socioeconomical classes seem to differ significantly. Now, all this could mean that, say, stressed or malnourished people develop and pass on to their descendants a range of epigenetic modifications including some which may negatively affect brain development or other factors contributing to intelligence.

To me, this actually seems like a pretty reasonable hypothesis. Judging from the online course materials, it is merely a light smorgasbord after the fashion of the recent online AI course, ai-class.

A modern day comparison to those 19th century Harvard admission tests is the STEP, which are admission tests taken by incoming Cambridge maths undergraduates.

What the hell are those tests? Most problems have answers in the end! It makes perfect sense because we see vast amounts of evidence of differential group outcomes.

And more importantly, we live in a society where differential outcomes are inherently suspect. You can substitute Culture Groups for Racial Groups above if you prefer the culturalist argument — I myself am something of a mixed adherent in that I think racial groups tend to tend toward cultural structures which reflect their tendencies, but I also think that a strong cultural structure can more than compensate for this.

I decline to stipulate that I have committed any such errors. I did not say that preferring present reward to future gain was inherently a superior moral position.

And if you knew anything about me, you would realize that for me to say that would be pretty hypocritical.

I merely pointed out that if Group A has such a preference, and Group B does not, Group B will tend to engage in behaviors which produce those objectively measurable benefits and Group A will not.

There is more to life than education and income. However, I never see arguments to the idea that members of a given group tend to have more sex, more free time and less concern about the future means that members of some other group should be jealous of them , and that they should be sanctioned in order to try to make them have less sex, work harder and take life more seriously.

At best you get Bill Cosby when that happens, who is thought of as a dangerously reactionary crank by most right-thinking people.

To answer your question, individually, we are able to do much. We can offer the best and the brightest of all groups as much education and opportunity as they are able to take advantage of, to the betterment of all.

I never see arguments to the idea that members of a given group tend to have more sex, more free time and less concern about the future means that members of some other group should be jealous of them, and that they should be sanctioned in order to try to make them have less sex, work harder and take life more seriously.

Economic policy has evolved rightward, with leftist policies that were common decades ago like ultra-high income tax rates for the rich and strong protections for unions being unthinkable today.

Even in social issues, the assertion is not universally true. For example, from the sexual revolution in the s, a Reactionary would plausibly extrapolate that by the s free love would be the norm all over society.

Cthulhu always swims left, and left always swims neoliberal. Which social justice are you looking at? There is also a lot of SJ stuff on the internet that fails to understand the majority.

Log tables were what were used before slide rules and calculators. I expect that the students were allowed to use log tables, which was the normal practice for those who applied these calculations.

I also expect that they used memorised algorithms for the roots rather than Taylor series, although this amounts to essentially the same calculation.

I looked it up once. And of the two questions that involve logarithms, one of them can easily be done without a log table. Yes, the algorithm resembling long division is the one that I mean that is essentially equivalent to using the Taylor series, just organised in a more user-friendly way.

And yes, 9 is trivial; I really just meant that 10 would want a log table. I would also want an arcsine table or at least one arctrig table for Still, perhaps if I thought about them more, I could do them without either tables or intensive calculation.

Furthermore, the center is moved by more than just the clamor of the two sides which may explain the continued gradual success of liberalism despite how much the Democrats suck.

I have a complicated view of Reactionaries, and have to say that I think that many of their ideas need to be gently withdrawn for examination from the right-wing fluid in which they were grown and which still provides many incorrect object-level views particularly relating to race and gender.

We are obsessed with slaying our heroes, not with finding their faults and fixing them. Especially because we have gotten to the point where criticism of something or abandonment of it is no longer shocking or even noticeable.

Providing these is not compatible with mass immigration esp. One option would be to restrict immigration, but accept temporary? Eliminating stigma may be impossible.

Reactions against this have been messy, often quasi-fascist, and sometimes more focused on hatred than self-preservation, and have made the thing into a real ugh field.

I still take issue with it though, and progressives seem to have obliterated any discussion that is not pre-arranged to end up agreeing with them….

Also, withdrawing colonialism may leave countries without a native leadership And also without appropriate elite cultures needed for leadership because the colonialists were providing that for them and possibly destroying attempts at forming such a thing since it would probably be revolutionary.

Their term, not mine. And that I was forced to read that crap in college, by a professor who endorsed it, and went on to argue that mapping the human genome has no practical value.

I used vague language to reduce the probability of hostile or quasi-friendly pattern matching. I hate most people who argue the point I am about to argue.

Progressives have refused to allow dominants to have any ingroups that exclude non-dominants, even if those ingroups are not likely to actually be a problem.

Groups formally consisting of dominants and formed for the purpose of talking about the experience of being a dominant are prejudicially assumed to be for the purpose of conspiracy to maintain eternal dominance, and are occasionally allowed if 1.

The perception of these groups is often accurate but has resulted in some incredible neuroticism among dominants.

Post-colonial theory is bad on a bunch of levels, including having anything to do with the ideology of actual anti-colonialist militants, who all believe in gunpoint modernization at which they were often quite successful, so long as they managed to successfully monopolize the guns and grand narratives.

If you want good accounts of why imperialism was in fact important to the imperialists, skip the literature departments and go to the economic historians.

Kenneth Pomerantz and Immanuel Wallerstein are good places to start; J. Are you saying that post-colonial philosophers are dissimilar to the militants and revolutionaries who actually expelled imperial regimes?

Noam Chomsky made a secondary career of criticizing our society and became rich and famous and this in no way prevented him from keeping a cushy professorship in a completely unrelated field.

I figured this bit was thrown in as either a joke or a quotation of something a reactionary had actually claimed. Nope, that was the Victorians, and moreover the most Victorian elements of Victorian society.

Their earnest hope — outside of the really really fifty-Stalins Victorian elements — was that the freed would become hard-working subsistence laborers, materially pretty much where they were but no more subject to sexual violence and other gratuitous indignities heaped upon them by planters.

They were sometimes successful at this and sometimes not. I mean it as a description! The juztaposition of describing their hopes as earnest and the object of the hopes being stuck in subsistence level made me wonder if there was some backhanded compliment at work.

This post did not show up in my rss feed google reader ; all other ones I checked seem to have. Google reader just does not work with wordpress.

Actually, you do have an extra feed. Your google reader readers should try and report back. I frequently drop blogs that only display the summary out of my RSS feed, out of annoyance for being forced to click through for seemingly no reason.

I created new feeds with feedburner very easy. If these work out, I can transfer their control to you. Kaj, just for you, I explain in every entry why we need a summary feed.

If you ignore it, maybe the problem will go away. One notes that your religious groups may have engaged some kind of selection process that produces your results.

Thomas Sowell notes that immigrant groups from different regions of a country often have very different outcomes. Your link for the crime graph goes nowhere.

There is no simple answer as to why crime rates increased so markedly in the second half of the century. Recorded crime levels have also been affected by the behaviour of the public in reporting crimes to the police.

An increase in the number of burglaries reported, for example, may partly be due to the relatively recent need to inform the police in order to make an insurance claim, rather than an indication of any real increase in the level of burglary.

These illustrate the difference between someone like Moldbug and a real scholar. A better graph would collate that chart with medical life saving tech.

Most murders are acts of assault that end death, not planed murders. Murder is by far the worst crime to track for. Almost all major US cities fail this test and have done so since the s.

People the 60s people left their cars unlocked in LA. Only an insane man would do that today. Non-homicide violent crimes have also been going down dramatically.

The fall in rapes is particularly dramatic given the efforts made to increase its reporting. The one factor that seems to explain all this well is lead.

South Africa before and after is a problematic data point for this theory. Wikipedia does not show the apartheid-era figures, they are too embarrassing.

You have to download a pdf to actually see the graphs. South Africa is a very different country with its own unique problems and not part of the data set to be explained.

Wiki on leaded gas: Maybe apartheid was able to keep the lid on, but the population would have been ripe for violence.

See the following reading list: Person A Letting lots of immigrants in could alter our culture in a bad way.

Person A Seems dangerous. This is America, we can accomplish anything. We know this is how it plays out because that was the arguement and earlier generation of progressives made.

Person A No, they are biologically incapable to assuming new cultural norms. As such no amount of can do American spirit can fix them and they will be a constant drag on our country for eternity, maybe one day causing massive civil strife and fractures.

Person B Oh yeah, makes sense. We know that works because it did work for people back when they were more racist.

Lincoln wanted to ship the feed slaves back to Africa for a reason. If you do not acknowledge racial IQ differences or inherent psychological differences between men and women, then most of the strongest arguments against immigration, multiculturalism, the welfare state, and feminism are summarily obliterated.

The fundamental realization of the Dark Enlightenment is that all men are not created equal, not individual men, nor the various groups and categories of men, nor are women equal to men, that these beliefs and others like them are religious beliefs, that society is just as religious as ever it was, with an official state religion of progressivism, but this is a new religion, an evil religion, and, if you are a Christian, a demonic religion.

There are innate biological differences between men and women and people of different races. From P1 and P2, discrimination against women, and people of different races is justified.

I would be very curious to hear what exactly P2 says, for now though I would like to dispute P1. Quoting myself from an earlier comment: Suppose also that the surrogate mothers and their spouse raise the babies that they give birth to ie.

What would you predict? This eliminates the variables of culture, pre-natal care and upbringing leaving us with just biology.

Anyways, yes I am aware of that criticism. I thought that a surrogate baby would receive mostly the same pre-natal care as a naturally conceived one.

Surrogacy is usually IVT, so completely eliminates the womb of the genetic mother. So if you implant into two wombs, you have equalized womb environment.

I doubt much data is available comparing wombs. Nor do I think that there are experiments comparing IVT to natural gestation, but indirect data might be available.

Gwern You said that surrogacy experiments have been done already? Do you happen to have any links? I was a little sarcastically referring to the various adoption studies, which have never settled the debate in part because as I said, adoption does not control for how society treats people with black skin.

BTW, the more you explore HBD science the more you will find explanations for all the objections you raised in your essay. Have you ever considered what discrimination and prejudiced is?

Every human society has it. Every human society practices it. We discriminate against immigration groups most strongly when they are the most different from the rest of the populace.

When they start dressing, acting, and speaking the same as the dominate group the discrimination eases and eventually disappears.

Except in the case of the German Jews under the quintessential Reactionaries, the Nazis. Excellent summary for a non-reactionary — I suspect that eventually the gnawing doubts that even writing something like this creates will grow.

Women are plainly and clearly intellectually inferior to men and plenty of reactionaries have stated this. Short version of reactionary beliefs about sex differences: The more important quibble is this: Someone earlier mentioned unions — they were useful to the New Deal coalition but had the side effect of being an uncontrolled source of power — so they were discarded.

Each element of the progressive project is there to destroy some rival for power and empower the state.

I suggest that you, sir, read some Ursula Le Guin — certainly a very sensible, rational and even-handed woman! Shevek saw that he had touched in these men an impersonal animosity that went very deep.

Apparently they, like the tables on the ship, contained a woman, a suppressed, silenced, bestialized woman, a fury in a cage. He had no right to tease them.

They knew no relation but possession. This line of argument is silly. It leads to an agreement to disagree on everything — unless one side can declare the other insufficiently progressive, which promptly terminates the discussion.

I understand what you feel when you read it. However, the history of Earth-side communes is not encouraging. The human nature is not good enough for Anarres to work.

You have a different opinion? Go ahead, start a commune. Yeah, the social and political problems that have been developing on Anarres are a central conflict in the plot — but so is the contrast between Anarres and Urras, and these dialectical contradictions are held up as a potential source of progress, not as an argument for futility.

Re-read it, maybe, or at least check out this collection of essays on it. She liked the young, and there was always something to learn from a foreigner, but she was tired of new faces, and tired of being on view.

A phenomenon, a monument. They were awed, adoring. She snarled at them: Think your own thoughts! It was her country. There would not be slums like this, if the Revolution prevailed.

But there would be misery. There would always be misery, waste, cruelty. So long as people were free to choose, if they chose to drink flybane and live in sewers, it was their business.

But will you drag civilization down into the mud? But nobody who thought he was better than mud could understand. The sleepy whores, their lacquered hair-arrangements dilapidated and askew, the one-eyed woman wearily yelling her vegetables to sell, the half-wit beggar slapping flies, these were her countrywomen.

They looked like her, they were all sad, disgusting, mean, pitiful, hideous. They were her sisters, her own people. I find much to be admired about such anti-Nietzcheanism.

Dick has this voice too in places. Unions were discarded by progressives? Great way to zero out your credibility, I must thank you for the convenience.

Look at the relative power that Unions had in the middle of the twentieth century versus the relative power that they have now.

Yes, unions are weaker. More fatally, in going on and on about the lack of intellectual performance by women, and the supposed tradeoff made by female genetics of motherhood for brains, he completely overlooks the impact of pregnancy and childrearing on performance.

Were women to be as bright or even brighter than men, the fact that most have spent most of their lives raising children would put a crimp in their outside accomplishments.

Combine that with the various social obstacles reared in their way, which he acknowledges but handwaves away, and his argument falls apart.

Girls falling behind boys on math tests as they age is more definitely reported and worried about, thus the celebration when girls seem to be catching up.

Ditto for blacks underperforming whites on standardized tests or IQ tests. He only shows his own intellectual bankruptcy in dismissing contrary evidence.

It also blames progressivism for the destruction of black families, while not mentioning the War On Drugs Other Than Alcohol and Tobacco and three strikes laws and such.

But you cannot just get rid of power; it is implicit in the mere existence of social relationships. So the goal of the left is power and the destruction of our rivals.

The only problem with this characterization is that it is utterly trivial. Reactionaries support policies that lead to strong families with strong single authority, strong social clubs with restrictive rules, strong civil society with wide ranging powers to ostracize, colonial governments with authority over the territory they govern, etc.

The fact that progressivism has to tear down every other form of social organization to survive and thrive should be deeply troubling.

The reactionary answer is that these relationships are dangerous to progressives because they are effective and because they are better for everyone involved than progressive government so progressives have to destroy them to prevent dangerous thoughts.

You support some power structures and so are compelled to fight their rivals the administrative state, unions, feminism, academia, unruly children, whatever.

Reactionaries do believe that the sexes differ on average in interests, capabilities, and most importantly temperament. To increase the height of cut, lower the front roll, turn [C] to the right side.

To decrease the height of cut, lift the front roll, turn [C] to the left side. Remove the front-roll bolts, spindle and rolls. Install the split pins into the spindle, position the washers and outer rolls.

The split pins and washers are supplied with the machine. Make sure that the concave aligns correctly with the edge of the bottom block.

Loosen the screws [A] which fasten the concave to the top deck. Loosen the adjuster B one complete turn so that the lever does not make contact with the pin.

Tighten the locknuts to lock the adjustment in thisposition. To adjust the angle. Loosen the clamp bolts [A] to adjust the angle on the handle bars Tighten the bolts[A].

To adjust the height. Remove the bolt [C] from the handle bars and select the applicable slot, [B]. Do not use the brush in wet conditions. Remove the bolt [A] on both sides of the front roll.

Fit the bracket [B] and tighten the bolt [A]. Loosen the nuts [C] at each end of the brush or comb. It is attached by a one pin hitch. To access, remove the lid from the drive belt housing.

Loosen the belt tensioner. Apply a force of 2. If the hours of use in any calendar period, are more than those given, use the work hours as your maintenance schedule.

The operation of the machine can change and damage to the Engine can occur. Remove the wing nut and the air cleaner cover. Check both elements for damage.

Replace if dirty or damaged. Wash the foam element in a solution of detergent and warm water. If the hours of use in any calendar period, are more than those given, use the work hours as your lubrication schedule.

Use the recommended grease: Reel and Bedknife Sharpness. In most cases, the wave tip-to-tip dis- tance is 2 in. Arrow indicates direction of travel.

Probable Cause Remedy Mowing ground speed is too fast. This is usually caused by mechanical wear or an incorrect roller or HOC height-of-cut adjust- ment.

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Probable Cause Remedy Grass is too tall. For a full set of warranty conditions, contact your local dealer or distributor. Informatie Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties.

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Das Stadion , das bei der Super Bowl Im Free-TV übertragen Puls4 ab Die kostenlose ran App. Die Highlights im Video. Am so genannten Deadline Day wurden in den letzten Stunden fünf Deals fixiert. Wie gewohnt findet der Super Bowl auch wieder am ersten Februarwochenende statt. Die Hymne singt Pink.

De Super Bowl is een van de belangrijkste sportevenementen in de Verenigde Staten en wordt vaak officieus beschouwd als een nationale feestdag.

De Super Bowl XLIX die op 1 februari gespeeld en uitgezonden werd, was met een gemiddelde van ,4 miljoen kijkers het best bekeken programma ooit in de Verenigde Staten.

Het verbeterde het record van de Super Bowl die een jaar eerder gespeeld werd, waarnaar ,3 miljoen mensen keken.

De National Football League werd in opgericht als de American Professional Football Conference en kreeg vrij snel zijn huidige naam. In het begin van de jaren zestig kreeg de competitie concurrentie van de American Football League , die in opgericht werd.

In het midden van de jaren zestig startten fusiegesprekken tussen de twee bonden en op 8 juni werd een akkoord bereikt om de twee bonden te fusioneren in Bovendien zouden de twee bonden in de eerste finale spelen tussen de twee kampioenen van de beide competities onder de naam AFL-NFL World Championship Game , wat later bekend zou worden als de eerste Super Bowl, de finale die vanaf toen jaarlijks gespeeld wordt tussen de kampioenen van de National Football Conference , het oude National Football League en nu onderdeel van de fusie en de American Football Conference , voor de fusie bekend als de American Football League.

Traditioneel start het American Football-seizoen in september. Deze twee teams spelen de Super Bowl. De wedstrijd werd tot steeds in de maand januari gehouden, vanaf wordt de wedstrijd steeds in de eerste week van februari gespeeld.

Het stadion waar de wedstrijd gespeeld zal worden, wordt doorgaans drie tot vijf jaar voor de betreffende Super Bowl vastgelegd. De Super Bowl wordt doorgaans op neutraal terrein gespeeld en daarom is er een regeling om het thuis- en uitteam vast te stellen.

De volgnummers van de Super Bowl wordt traditioneel met Romeinse cijfers geschreven. Na de wedstrijd wordt aan het winnend team de trofee "Vince Lombardi" uitgereikt, genoemd naar New York Giants , Green Bay Packers en Washington Redskins -coach die in overleed aan kanker.

Toch begon ook de NFL haar horizon te verbreden; de eigenaar van de Rams wilde zijn team verhuizen naar Los Angeles en hoewel de NFL daar eerst niet erg blij mee was, wist hij de verhuizing toch door te drukken.

De AAFC bleek uiteindelijk de competitie niet lang vol te houden. Een groot probleem was ook het verschil in kwaliteit tussen de teams.

Elk jaar werden de Cleveland Browns kampioen en in deden ze dat zelfs met een perfect season ze wonnen alle wedstrijden. Dit was de eerste keer dat een dergelijke prestatie in professioneel American football voorkwam en enkel de Miami Dolphins wisten die later nog te herhalen.

Dat de dominantie van de Browns niet alleen kwam door de weinige tegenstand in de AAFC, bewezen ze het eerste seizoen al, door direct de NFL-titel te grijpen en tot en met wonnen ze zelfs elk jaar de Eastern Conference.

Ook de Yanks hielden het een jaar later voor gezien. Hun plekje werd opgevuld door de Dallas Texans, maar dat bleek een fiasco: Aangezien het quotum binnen een maand werd gehaald, werden de Texans verkocht aan Baltimore, hoewel er officieel sprake was van een nieuw team.

De oude naam van de Colts werd ook gebruikt voor dit nieuwe team. De twaalf teams die in aan de competitie begonnen de Bears , de Browns , de Cardinals , de Colts , de Eagles , de 49ers , de Giants , de Lions , de Packers , de Rams , de Redskins en de Steelers , bleven dat tot en met doen in deze samenstelling.

Deze twaalf oudste, nog bestaande ploegen, die werden opgericht voor de AFL , werden samen ook wel de old line genoemd. De populariteit van de NFL begon in de jaren 50 flink te groeien, maar de Chicago Cardinals konden niet profiteren: In trokken de Bears in thuisduels bijvoorbeeld meer dan twee keer zo veel toeschouwers gemiddeld Om toch rendabel te blijven, wilde de eigenaars het team verhuizen naar Saint Louis , maar dat werd niet goedgekeurd door de NFL.

Een poging om het team te verkopen lukte ook niet, omdat de eigenaars hun meerderheidsbelang niet op wilde geven. Hunt kwam toen op het idee om een nieuwe, concurrerende competitie te starten.

Hij wist enkele andere zakenlieden enthousiast te maken voor het plan, wat uiteindelijk resulteerde in de oprichting van de American Football League.

Dit was de vierde competitie met dezelfde naam; de vorige AFL's wisten alle slechts enkele jaren te overleven. Deze versie van de AFL alle vier de competities hadden overigens niets met elkaar te maken, behalve dezelfde naam bleek echter succesvoller te zijn en de grootste concurrent van de NFL te worden.

De NFL was niet blij met deze rivaliserende competitie en probeerde haar start op verschillende manieren te ondermijnen; de Cardinals kregen bijvoorbeeld toch toestemming om te verhuizen naar Saint Louis.

Ook besloot de NFL om toch uit te breiden: Een ander voordeel voor de AFL was dat ze nieuwe markten aanboorden: Ook werden de AFL-wedstrijden op televisie uitgezonden: Deze rivaliteit en competitiviteit leidde uiteindelijk tot het punt waarop aan jonge spelers — die zich nog niet eens op professioneel niveau hadden bewezen — hoge salarissen in het vooruitzicht werd gesteld, omdat de competities allebei hengelden naar de beste spelers.

Na veelvuldig overleg, zowel tussen beide competities, als intern binnen de NFL en de AFL, lag er een plan op tafel waar alle teams mee konden leven.

Ten slotte zouden de kampioenen van beide competities in de laatste jaren voor de fusie een finale spelen, om te bepalen welk team nu echt het beste van het land was.

Deze wedstrijd zou later bekendstaan als de Super Bowl en de eerste editie daarvan werd in januari gespeeld. De NFL had voor de fusie zestien teams: Voor de gezamenlijke competitie werd een nieuwe competitie-indeling gemaakt.

De conferences bestonden allebei uit drie divisies en per conference zouden alle winnaars en de beste nummer twee zich plaatsen voor de play-offs.

Tussen de fusie en de jaren 90 werd de competitie met twee teams uitgebreid: In gingen de Raiders vanuit Oakland naar Los Angeles.

Dit was echter slechts een voorbode voor de jaren '90 , waarin zeven teams verhuisden of lid werden van de competitie.

Het begon in , toen de Raiders teruggingen naar Oakland. Ook werden er wederom twee teams aan de competitie toegevoegd: Na veelvuldig overleg tussen de NFL, de Browns en beide steden, werd gekozen voor een opmerkelijke oplossing: De spelers en het personeel van de Browns zouden echter meeverhuizen naar Baltimore.

Drie jaar later, in , werden de Browns inderdaad heropgericht, wat het aantal teams op 31 bracht.

Twee jaar eerder waren de Houston Oilers al verhuisd naar Tennessee hun naam werd later veranderd in Tennessee Titans. Dit was tot op heden de laatste verhuizing van een NFL-ploeg naar een andere regio, maar net als Baltimore, Saint Louis en Cleveland hoefde Houston niet lang te wachten op een nieuw team.

Samen met Los Angeles en Toronto was de stad een van de gegadigden die het 32ste team toegewezen zouden krijgen. De topkandidaat om het team te krijgen was L.

De plannen van Houston waren beter uitgewerkt en zo kwam het dat de Texans in in de NFL begonnen als 32ste en, tot op heden, nieuwste team.

In tegenstelling tot veel andere competities, spelen de teams in de NFL niet elk jaar tegen alle competitiegenoten. Zo speelt een ploeg die de play-offs niet haalt bijvoorbeeld maar tegen dertien van de 31 andere teams.

Dat is normaal gesproken een thuiswedstrijd van de titelverdediger, die live wordt uitgezonden op de NBC. Het slot van het seizoen is de Super Bowl , die begin februari wordt gehouden en beslist over het kampioenschap.

Een seizoen in de NFL bestaat uit twee delen; het reguliere seizoen en de play-offs. Het reguliere seizoen bestaat sinds uit zestien wedstrijden.

De wedstrijdschema's voor elk team worden op een vaste manier bepaald, die voor elke ploeg gelijk is. Zo speelt een team in een bepaald seizoen:.

Ten slotte speelden ze de laatste vier duels tegen de teams uit de AFC West: Er is een rotatiesysteem voor de divisies waartegen de teams elk seizoen spelen.

Dankzij dit systeem zijn teams verzekerd dat ze een team uit dezelfde conference maar uit een andere divisie minstens eens in de drie jaar treffen en een team uit de andere conference minstens eens in de vier jaar.

Naast het reguliere seizoen is de Super Bowl de enige mogelijkheid om een team uit de andere conference te treffen.

In de voorbereiding de vier weken voor het reguliere seizoen spelen teams dan ook regelmatig tegen een team uit de andere conference.

Ook de Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC South en de Miami Dolphins AFC East spelen vaak tegen elkaar in de voorbereiding; in de 21e eeuw hebben ze elk jaar tegen elkaar gespeeld, ook als ze in het reguliere seizoen al tegen elkaar zouden spelen.

Aan het eind van het reguliere seizoen plaatsen twaalf teams zes per conference zich voor de play-offs richting de Super Bowl.

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Verpasste Sendungen Liste mit einem Eintrag. Die Sportschau in Sekunden 2 Min. Super Bowl der Rekorde 1 Min. Ein sommerlicher Vorgeschmack 2 Min. GroKo-Verhandlungen gehen in Verlängerung 1 Min.

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