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Mai Es gibt noch eine weitere Con in Deutschland von Always Fans Events: die Shadows CON (Shadowhunters Con) Webseite. Shadows Con. Gefällt Mal. Enjoy a weekend full of excitement & adventures with your fav Shadowhunters. A magical universum full of activities which. 8. Mai Gäste sind allerdings bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht bekannt. Hier findet ihr alle näheren Infos zu der Veranstaltung. SHADOWS CON. Schaue auch hier vorbei: Ich bin fast gestorben. Falls Matthew Daddario kommt, würde ich eh noch mehr Geld hinblättern. Hier findet ihr alle näheren Infos zu der Veranstaltung. Omg und ich habe mir wieder mal sein gif angesehen, als er mit Pfeil und Bogen schoos und uns dann angesehen hat und hach. Ich werde euch auf dem Laufenden halten! Kommentar verfassen Antwort abbrechen Gib hier deinen Kommentar ein Deswegen ist es für mich auch eine Ehre die Shadowhunters Convention zu unterstützen. Ja, für mich als Studentin ist das schon ne Summe. Omg und ich habe mir wieder mal sein gif angesehen, als er mit Pfeil und Bogen schoos und uns dann angesehen hat und hach. Er ist einfach nur pure Liebe!

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Ihr dürft mir gerne Fragen stellen und ich werde euch diese gerne beantworten. Er ist einfach nur pure Liebe! Ich werde weinen, wenn ich ihn sehe. Ich werde euch auf dem Laufenden halten! Mich hat der Film, wie viele andere leider nicht angesprochen und ich war mehr als traurig, dass man nicht mehr aus dem Film gemacht hat. Naja, ich bin auch nur Azubi, aber verdiene natürlich was. Mein Youtube Kanal Lovely Books.

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Learn more More Like This. The Vampire Curse Video Night of Dark Shadows GP Drama Horror Mystery. The rich Collins family of Collinsport, Maine is tormented by strange occurrences.

House of Dark Shadows Edit Cast Cast overview: Barnabas Collins Marley Shelton Victoria Winters Jessica Chastain Carolyn Stoddard Alexander Gould David Collins Martin Donovan Roger Collins Kelly Hu Julia Hoffman Ivana Milicevic Willie Loomis Jenna Dewan Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Alexis Thorpe Kelly Greer Michael D.

Sheriff George Patterson Jason Shaw Edit Did You Know? From there we swiftly move onto the next gratuitous scene, only this time its toy merchandise porn.

Now before I carry on with my digs, yes it was totally expected that this movie would indeed follow the original 90's cartoon in terms of visuals, we got that from the first movie.

And of course I realise that this movie is all about selling crapola to kids in terms of merchandising every bloody thing going, mainly toys. All that being said, I give you the turtle van, now a dump truck, which we saw way back in the 90's cartoon.

I mean, huge remote controlled arms with nunchakus that spring from the side? I think the original toy fired manhole covers but unsure if the cartoon version did.

Still the interior was pretty sweet I'll give it that. Now of course this being a virtual cartoon movie which we have all basically had to accept at least the grown-ups who wanted a dark Turtles take like the original comic have , I still have to question some of the motives, emotions and reactions here.

My main example being the moment Shredder gets zapped into another dimension and meets Krang. Surely the fact he's just been teleported into a completely new realm of existence with new lifeforms and technology etc Neither do we get any sort of story for Krang, no hows, whys or what the fucks.

Krang just turns up, he's there, don't question it, just deal with it. Yep that's right, its all fan service by the bucketload this time around people, Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang and Casey Jones.

Problem is, they all fit into this movie accept for Jones who could quite easily be taken out and you'd never know the difference. Sure this guy looks like Jones, minus the hair, and he does Jones-esque stuff, but there's no point to him being here.

All he does or, all he's there for is hit on April O'Neil no shit and fight Bebop and Rocksteady very briefly.

When I say fight I mean runaway from and act like a diversion. Yeah sure he's got the badass mask n all but In general the main problem with this movie is not so much the fact you've gotta use suspension of disbelief because that's a given.

Its the fact that stuff just happens, moves on, and you gotta just accept it as explained with Shredder meeting Krang.

Yes this is a daft cartoonish movie based on an outlandish comicbook creation, but when the turtles are travelling to South America how exactly did they manage to get into an airliners cargo hold?

What's more, when they jump out of it they leave the cargo hold bay open! Now wouldn't that cause some major issue for that airliner? When landing on the second airliner wouldn't the impact, damage and extra weight cause issues?

Speaking of the very brief trip to South America to find one piece of the jigsaw, I trust the turtles all had vaccinations before going?

Why on earth would Bebop and Rocksteady need a tank for this? Since when did the Foot clan have their own airliner and tank anyways?? Also, are we really to believe that not one person had discovered that huge piece of alien metal that had impacted in the jungle?

No detection as it entered Earth's atmosphere? Lastly, how did Bebop and Rocksteady manage to get back to the US? Again, how did the turtles manage to get into another airliners cargo hold back to the US??

I'm not even gonna mention how stupid the entire airborne plane and river sequences were. Law of physics, gravity and everything I could go on really, is it amusing to do so.

One last example, as the turtles are gearing up to fight the mysterious alien that is coming through a portal over New York.

Donatello uses his nerdy computer gadgets to try and analyse the threat. Amazingly and quite conveniently his little computer gadget is able to inform him exactly what's happening, what is coming through the portal, and that the alien overseeing all this is called Krang!!

Why and how the flying flip would Donatello's homemade gadgetry be able to tell him all this??!! I'm guessing his computer is advanced and can dish out some brilliant info whilst being able to work things out, but how would it know about alien lifeforms and technology from another bloody dimension!

Even as so far as to pinpoint the lifeforms name! Come on guys, try a bit will ya. So what's the score at the end of the day?

Well unsurprisingly the movie doesn't stray too far from what was set up originally. That being said the visuals are still nice to look at as they were in the first movie at times with some impressive moments such as seeing wet turtles, the Technodrome sequence looked good, Bebop and Rocksteady were surprisingly faithful to their cartoon counterparts, and Krang was also quite surprisingly faithful and decent looking.

I'll even go as far as to say that I actually liked the look of Krang and his robotic body, I liked the way he spoke and I liked what we saw of the Technodrome, all promising.

Everything else is pretty much the usual, typical, overly glossy, overly shiny, greenscreened, CGI fare which I'm sure you've all come to expect these days.

Nothing special, nothing to write home about, it all does the job much like the rather mundane cast which could so easily of been better.

Basically I can't help but feel there's actually an even better movie just beneath the surface with this, just a little more effort and some better casting and this could of been a smash hit.

With that, its fine, yes its better than the first movie which was awful, the villains do up the ante successfully and overall it does just about work.

I'd say its just about on par with the sequel, an acceptable popcorn level, just ride with it. Although the chemistry between the four Renaissance-based tandem is undeniably impeccable than the previous film, the sequel, overall, isn't fully just.

Out of the Shadows feels rushed with its suffocating plot and underutilized additions. The film may have enough to win the hearts of its younger, newer fan base, but not enough for its comic-book fans and casual moviegoer.

From comic books, to cartoons, to live action film adaptations, the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" have been all over the map throughout the years, and not always for the better.

These turtles in a half shell have made their mark in either great cheesy fun ways or downright obnoxious to the point of no return, ie.

In they were brought back once again in a mix of CGI turtles within a live action world. This clash was hated by many, especially with the new odd look to the turtles themselves.

Although it was critically slammed and fans either ripped on or accepted it for what it was, it made tons of money at the box office, thus spawning this sequel.

This was their chance at redemption and to bring us the turtles we know and love from the past. Is that what this sequel delivers on?

Out of the Shadows" not only improves on the first in almost every way imaginable, but it manages to also tone down some of the annoying characters from the first as well.

Now what has to be said first is that it has been dumbed way down this time, almost to the point where most of the jokes are solely for children, but that is the mindset of these turtles to begin with, so the juvenile humour kind of fit the new tone this film was trying so hard to achieve.

I truly believe they nailed the tone that needed to be displayed here, but the film sadly suffers in many other regards. This film should be retitled "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Then ghastly haunt thy native place, And suck the blood of all thy race.

The New Black Sarah runs out of the house in her pajamas, and runs all the way to the Eagle Hill cemetery, which is apparently in her front yard.

That Thing You Do Barnabas goes down to the docks for a bite to eat. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing situation.

Stone Cold Another day, another funeral, plus a vampire suicide pact. Call me crazy, but I think the show has become a little morbid lately.

Featuring the return of our old friend, the Convenient Rooster. Bird Planes Josette wakes up with a song in her heart, and a brand-new neck wound.

Confining Women Ron Sproat finds another excuse to lock a woman in a room. He should probably try to develop other interests.

Twisted What Dark Shadows lacks in romance, it makes up for in lunatic plot contrivances. Here are several of them, in a row.

Jump Street Josette takes a flying leap. Disorder in the Court Hear ye, hear ye! The Collinsport Imaginary Witchcraft Court is now in session.

Destruction, Everywhere Dark Shadows single-handedly invents slash fiction, plus: Barnabas comes up with his very worst idea ever.

You want to know why. Next Stop Kansas This is the third trial episode in a row. Quivering with Emotion Varney the Vampire, part 2 I get a day release from witchcraft jail.

What do you think happens next? Drag Me to Hell Barnabas opened up his Powers of Darkness membership kit, and found a bunch of new tricks for tormenting people he disapproves of.

The Beatles are going to India to study Transcendental Meditation. And yet the single most popular television show for young women is about a guy planning to assassinate a Reverend.

How is that possible? Fan Club I think the storyline is running out of characters. This episode is mostly just carrying props from one room to another.

Generation Gap According to the rules of , the kids should be spreading Love and Peace, and the aging tyrant should be closing his mind to the truth.

Fight the Tower We get some new architecture. Something Nasty in the Woodshed Rituals, locked rooms, vampire attacks and magical portraits — this episode has everything, except sense.

Scary Godmother Her name is Bathia Mapes. Exorcise in Futility We now join this exorcism, already in progress.

The Great Escape Oh, great! Impossible Vicki finally figures out that time is a thing. Food and Medicine and a Plan Vicki points a loaded gun at a ten-year-old for basically the entire episode.

Leave Me Hanging We come back to the present day, exactly where we left it four months ago. But how do we turn this broken storyline into a sustainable show?

Julia gets a haircut. What makes you think this is the same Barnabas? Welcome to the Hellmouth Barnabas and Vicki drive off the road, and into a whole new storyline.

Lang chews on all of the available scenery. The Odd Couple Dr. Lang continues his reign of terror, taking a super creepy interest in Vicki.

There will be consequences. A Farewell to Arms The post that answers the crucial question: Witch Doctor Professor Stokes is loud, and disruptive, and he plays to the balcony.

Not this balcony, naturally; I mean the balcony in the theater next door. Lang offers Barnabas the opportunity of a lifetime.

One More Life This episode asks the crucial question: Witches Be Crazy More fashion, more shouting, more acting, more rummaging, more dreaming, more doors and more neckties.

Free Willie Barnabas and Julia rewrite some history. If They Both Live The experiment was an unbelievable success; now all they have to do is prepare their Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

The Terrible Twos Barnabas and Julia face their first crisis as new parents. To Your Teeth Varney the Vampire, part 3 We take one more trip back to , to witness the strange origins of vampire fiction.

The Talking Dead Dark Shadows finally picks a side. Specifically, the Glenbrook Shopping Mall. Barnabas has a plan. A Senior Moment Cassandra ages to a crisp.

Really Big Brother Willie faces his greatest challenge: Babysitter of the Damned. Lock Her Up Ron Sproat: The Ladykiller We take a break from the show to look at the Dark Shadows romance novels, which exist in their own unique bubble of lunacy.

The Sinking Detective Police officers on Dark Shadows combine the inadequacy of soap opera cops with the inadequacy of monster movie cops. The Spirit of St.

Dream Beater Professor Stokes exposes the Dream Curse story as the extended knock-knock joke that it really is. Time Travel, part 3: Blood Chemistry A pre-emption special, watching episode 3 of the Dark Shadows revival.

Hot tentacles stretch upwards! Blind Date Sam transforms into a magical charity elf. The dreadful fact of the matter is that something has gone wrong.

When Adam Attacks Police are looking for a tall, dark man with a limited vocabulary and an even more limited wardrobe. The Unimmured Barnabas has disappeared, lost in an extreme home makeover, but Julia and Willie come to the rescue of their former tormentor and new best friend.

In Memoriam A meditation on death, loss, renewal and teleprompters. Ex Wife Cassandra and Reverend Trask go head to head in a full-on kaiju battle.

Brother From Another Nicholas Blair walks onto the set, and takes over. Who the Hell is this guy? The Blair Witch Project Nicholas calls upon all the dark forces of daytime television production to aid him in finding the missing Cassandra.

Nicholas is a baller. A performance art piece in one act. This Tawdry Affair Nicholas and Cassandra have a strategy session, which turns into a film noir sequence straight out of The Maltese Falcon.

Requiem for a Dream The Dream Curse storyline hurtles towards a spine-tingling conclusion. The Interpretation of Dreams The girl from the dream is dreaming again.

The Scene of the Crime Carolyn finds Adam hiding in the root cellar, killing time between sprees. The Point of Return Clinical notes of Dr.

Session recorded on June 28, , for broadcast on July 12th. Advance Directives Barnabas Collins is dead, and Julia and Willie dare each other to drive a stake through his heart.

The Shaggy Dog Julia buried Barnabas yesterday, and now she has to dig him up again. This is not a scaleable business plan. Inscrutable The writers have had the better part of three months to figure out what they were going to do with Angelique after the Dream Curse storyline.

They have not used that time effectively. Death of a MacGuffin In which we discuss Dr. The Trouble with Harry An episode focused on Mrs.

The Afternoon After Carolyn is assaulted by Adam, and she turns to Professor Stokes to figure out what to do about it.

Cruel World As Adam continues to dominate the storyline, we do a review of what Barnabas has been up to since Vicki came back from A Sense of Themselves A list of 32 things that I like about this episode, in order of appearance, with a special focus on pretty boys in peril, and introducing Miss Beverly Atkinson.

Dig Dug Barnabas, Julia and Willie have a family outing at the cemetery. Weird Science Barnabas and Julia argue about which storyline to care about.

Another New Beginning Bloodlust An irresponsible troupe of time-travelers has been fooling around with the seals and sigils, recklessly summoning a fresh nightmare into our world.

Do You Want Vicki to Die Jeff finds the secret murder lab in the Old House basement, and winds up in an involuntary late-night job interview.

Fridspeak Friday Barnabas tracks down one of the rogue vampires in a particuarly error-prone episode. Junior Detectives Barnabas and Julia get to play their favorite game, as they investigate the spooky happenings at the House by the Sea.

Crazy Talk The show just goes nuts again, with vampires, Frankenstein monsters, time travelers and grave-robbers. Bad planning is kind of an epidemic around here.

The Understudy Something terrible has happened to Carolyn. Temporary Sanity Jeff is forced to help build another Frankenstein monster.

The Fugitives Life in the Dark Shadows studio is even more fraught than usual; this is the one where they had to tape the dress rehearsal.

The War on Halloween With the Bride of Frankenstein story dragging on, we ditch the show and spend the day playing the Dark Shadows board game.

The Invisible Woman Adam tries to murder Vicki, without much success. Maggie Evidence Willie and Maggie are stuck in the mausoleum, reviewing old business.

This Old House The entire episode today is people arguing about whether they should go upstairs or downstairs.

The Sound of Science Barnabas and Julia run the Bride of Frankenstein experiment all over again, this time with Carolyn in the lead role.

Missing Persons Adam is on his way to massacre the entire family. Springing into action, Barnabas drinks a glass of water.

The Spook Fortress Eve opens her eyes — the experiment is a success! The Three Faces of Eve Professor Stokes is suspicious of Eve, but she refuses to answer his questions; she just stands around looking unhinged.

Live, Die, Repeat Maggie escapes from the mausoleum, and the show makes a mad dash for the reset button. The Neuralyzer Nicholas stabs a table, watches TV on his smartmirror, plays a prank on Jeff and generally acts like a boss.

The Sedating Game Elizabeth dies temporarily, and everybody gets all uptight about it. The Crazy World We take another side trip into pop culture, with a one-hit wonder wearing a flaming hat.

In a World of Turtlenecks Adam, Joe, Tom and Jeff are displayed on a sacrificial altar, as Julia performs the ritual that ends the tyranny of turtlenecks forever.

Inexplicable You Eve recognizes Jeff as Peter Bradford, who she loved in the 18th century, apparently. The Love Object Eve comes over to give Jeff a good stalking-to.

The Great Wrap-Up Barnabas is buried in the earth again, as Ron Sproat kicks off a new phase of narrative house-cleaning.

Roger to the Rescue Roger catches Jeff and Eve having an intimate moment in the garden, and Jeff touches his face a lot.

Sets and Violence Vicki brings Barnabas to the one place where nobody will ever find them — the west wing of Collinwood. Better Than Medicine Julia wants to save Barnabas from Angelique and make the story more interesting, not necessarily in that order, and Nicholas is determined to be no help at all.

This Is Happening Eve travels back in time to , because she is crazy and reckless and there is no excuse for her behavior.

Lost and Foundling Vicki and Liz prepare for a traditional, sentimental soap opera wedding, which means that they are utterly doomed. Bad Moon Rising The Great Wrap-Up puts on a new burst of speed, as Dark Shadows ushers one cast member out the door, and lets a new one walk right on in.

Horrible Bosses Angelique descends into the underworld, to tell the Devil that Nicholas is being totally mean to her.

In Many Somber Colors And now: The Owl, the Raven and the Bat Dark Shadows goes just about as crazy as they possibly can, presenting a Black Mass wedding ceremony, which is interrupted by a werewolf kill.

Time Travel, part 4: We watch episode 4 of the Dark Shadows revival, which is the one with all the lady fire demons. The Missing Link So whatever happened to Adam, anyway?

Who are They, and what do They want? The fourth estate takes notice of Dark Shadows , and Jonathan Frid is offered up as a contest prize.

Vampire Excites Wives, Young Set Homeless badass Amy Jennings busts out of an asylum in the middle of the night, and makes a beeline for the biggest house she can find.

Bad Wolf Chris Jennings is a handsome and charming bad boy with a heart of gold and a secret sorrow.

Left Behind A week of ghost stories begins with Vicki clutching a broken wristwatch, and trying to commune with the spirit world.

The Turning Quentin Collins appears on Dark Shadows for 42 seconds, and the show will never be the same.

Astral Disturbances Freelance eccentric Madame Findley investigates the strange goings-on at Collinwood, using spirit guides, psychic readings, and extravagant hand gestures.

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Happily Ever Before Victoria Winters makes a wish on a wristwatch, and it comes true, just in time for a happy ending.

Barnabas Collins and the Poetry Slam A very literary entry today, as we study and catalogue the three major schools of Dark Shadows poetry.

Time Travel, part 5: Half-Hour of the Wolf Joe fights off a brutal werewolf attack with a pair of scissors and a reckless disregard for the young set.

Accidentally Yours An introduction to a new supporting character, Barnabas the butler. The Unpacking David and Amy try to trick the grown-ups into thinking that their actually haunted house is actually haunted.

Saying goodbye to Joel Crothers, as Joe gets packed off to Windcliff. Gone Girl Once again, Victoria Winters follows her prime directive, causing as much damage to space-time as she possibly can.

This Is the Night Barnabas uses his magical vampire powers to travel back to , where he meets an old enemy and a new friend. Vicki Ruins Everything Reprise Vicki and Peter finally get their happy ending, leaving Barnabas and the audience stranded in the wrong century.

The Second Coming Julia and Willie bring Barnabas back from the past, by clapping their hands and wishing really, really hard.

Also, the werewolf does his famous mirror routine. Werewolf By Night The wolf man stalks his girlfriend through the woods until she reaches the tomb of her mostly-dead mother, and then all Hell breaks loose.

The Shambles Barnabas and Julia grab all the weapons they can find, and go out looking for trouble. Donna of the Dead Handsome, moody serial killer Chris Jennings is caught in an awkward social situation that can only be resolved in pain and blood.

The Unscooby Gang Barnabas and Julia travel around, protecting the monsters from those meddling kids. Hoffman catches up on some back issues of the Journal of Werewolf Medicine.

The Not Happening Amy tries to blow the whistle on the haunted-house story, but she runs into a couple of unfortunate speed bumps.

The Room We take time out from the ghost story to look at all the cool stuff David has in his bedroom. The Four Maggies Maggie turning into Vicki is not the problem.

Dark Shadows actually has four Maggies, and most of them are Vicki. I apologize in advance. Why Did Barnabas Become a Vampire? This post has a lot of jokes about blood banks.

Today there are some jokes about Wolfman, if that sweetens the pot. Does Barnabas Ever Drink Milk? We conclude our week-long examination of novelty joke book Barnabas Collins In a Funny Vein with the most brain-scrambling jokes ever written.

The Case of the Lifted Ledger Another stranger has expired in the Collinwood drawing room, and the Junior Detectives swing into action.

Mostly Charmless Time stands still for a series of awkward social encounters, as Barnabas, Julia and Maggie try to cope with another in the series of tedious Roger Davis characters.

It is a huge success. The Surrender For the first time in two centuries, the Collins family has abandoned Collinwood, leaving it to the mad, the cruel and the aimlessly eccentric.

Sister Act Ned Stuart is going to help his sister Sabrina recover from a werewolf attack, even if he has to rub his face all over her to do it.

The Most Important Thing About Quentin Eccentric millionaire Barnabas Collins takes an astral trip to the late 19th, where mad gypsies plan a jewel heist, Young Danny falls in love, and we meet a surprising black sheep named Quentin.

The Vampire Strikes Back Barnabas makes a new friend, Jamison gets a new boat, and Quentin starts recruiting new employees by strangling people.

The Cliffhung Trapped in , Barnabas meets more members of the Collins family, each one nuttier than the last.

Another Jane Another governess arrives at another house, filled with romance and furniture and terrible secrets. Will Power Engaged in a high-stakes deep cover operation in the s, Barnabas antagonizes Edward, Magda, Jamison, Quentin and anybody else who happens by.

Forget You Barnabas explains to Quentin that a spirit with unfinished business can linger to haunt a house, which is one hundred and eighty degrees counterproductive.

The Neverending Story Angelique claws her way back to the surface world, just in time to see Barnabas hand another music box to the latest iteration of Josette.

Inherit the Win The foundations of the great estate tremble, as Edith throws a golden apple into the middle of the drawing room and makes her grandchildren fight for it.

Mommy Weirdest The Bride of Frankenstein camp diva femme fatale is back as Mad Jenny Collins, armed with a pair of scissors and looking for trouble.

Other Than My Wife Angelique reads the episode guide aloud, Quentin calls on Baal out of the blue, and Magda completes her transition to Julia with a wig on.

Plus, the first appearance of a new cast member: Dead Again The late Quentin Collins is on the floor and covered in gore, while other characters stand nearby and deliver about sixty percent of their dialogue.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Vampires Quentin is back from the dead, just like every other soap opera character ever.

Exquisite Corpse Zombie Quentin picks up the governess and carries her away, which it turns out is not actually a thing that zombies do.

Nick and Jane Here they are, doing a simple time travel prequel to The Turn of the Screw starring Count Dracula, when Reverend Trask busts in, and brings two other novels with him.

The Pacer Quentin comes back to life, and Barnabas bites a new victim, and Nora draws hieroglyphics, and nobody explains anything. Good Night Edward and Beth have a secret, Nora has a bad dream, and nobody has anything interesting to say.

This raises an important question, namely: Angelique sees this as a romantic opportunity. The Little Games Quentin tries to explain to Jamison why killing his mother seemed like a good idea at the time.

Another Weird Afternoon Barnabas sees an old flame, Angelique offers dating advice, and Reverend Trask sees many things. Local Parlor Tricks Barnabas carries an oil painting around, so he can spring it on people as a surprise.

Lunch Date with Destiny Barnabas wants some information from Quentin, and Quentin responds the only way he knows how: Rendezvous at the OK Corral Quentin and Beth have a romantic moment at gunpoint, and Magda makes a shocking, ridiculous and wonderful discovery.

Die Laughing Barnabas and Judith come up with a plan to capture Jenny, and we ask the crucial question: Gypsy Ascendant Magda puts a curse on Quentin, and then stands back to enjoy the ensuing carnage.

The One Where Evan Ruins the Carpet Quentin comes back home after a long night, with a headache and a ripped-up shirt and no idea what happened.

Everybody blames the gypsies. The Hunger Games Edward struggles to cope with Barnabas, this lunatic in a cape who thinks he can beat up werewolves.

This is not soon enough. Drunk HIstory Angelique pulls together her skilled team of drunk kaiju operatives to rescue Barnabas.

Kill Me Maybe Angelique dies in a fire, for almost seventeen minutes this time. Who was the old lady in Providence? What was Paul Stoddard really doing on his last night at Collinwood?

And why does Charity Trask have blue eyes? Straight Outta Collinsport Barnabas, Julia and Quentin travel to far-off places, as we listen to two recent Big Finish audio plays, and try to figure out whether Dark Shadowsness is portable.

Rabbit Season Barnabas and Magda go werewolf hunting. This must be one of those extreme sports you hear about. Elegy for David C Dr.

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